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There are many different varieties of car salesman training being taught today. Some are better than others and some are practically nonexistent. I will try to explain the different types of auto sales disciplines that are needed to become a successful car salesman or saleswoman along with the groundwork that anyone can pursue to have a prosperous automobile sales career.

In some dealerships the car salesman education required to start selling cars is not much more than an orientation or indoctrination of the auto sales training steps or the steps to the sale. Many times this is done by a sales manager and it is often seriously lacking when it comes to building the solid foundation required to become a successful salesperson. The turnover of the sales staff at these dealers is usually high and the success rate along with the profitability of these types of dealers is at best dismal.

The pay plan for sales people is often poor and it does little or nothing to motivate the staff. However in most new car dealerships today car sales training is taken more seriously. They may have a member of the sales management team do the training, but it consists of two or more full days and it includes word-tracks, scripts, drills and it provides a true car salesman sales education.

It usually includes a printed or copied car sales manual or handbook and the basic skills required to get started. Then the Green Pea is let loose on the lot to start selling cars in order for them to get a taste of the territory that is the business of selling cars for a living.

They will be monitored and coached by a sales manager or a senior member of the staff until they learn the basics and from there they are usually on their own other than some occasional advice, guidance or a car salesman tip. Some of the larger and more successful dealers and dealer groups have a car sales training manager on staff and some actually use an outside firm that comes in and trains their Newbies.

Both scenarios are usually very good at readying any new additions to their sales staff and often supply and ongoing education to sales staff.

This is a good place to begin your car sales profession along with the description on the one above. This type of training is valuable and important because product knowledge can make the difference between making and losing a sale. Knowing the benefits of your product over your competitor is priceless when it comes to closing a deal. This type of education is great, but these manufacturer hosted events are usually only done when a new model or restyle is launched.

Some dealerships will regularly train and host product knowledge classes in house because they understand that knowledgeable sales people will make more deals. To sell more cars and further your earning ability you would be wise to take the initiative and educate yourself on the product your represent.

This website is loaded with free auto sales training articles and posts that you can use to further your training. Few dealers offer anything more than the type of car salesman training that I have described above. With any profession ongoing education is always an asset and the same goes for selling cars.

Even the seasoned veteran can benefit from more and regular training. There are many areas of the car sales profession that you will learn over time such as prospecting, referralsfollow upusing the telephone and closing the sales, but are you willing to wait to learn how to make more commissions and sell more cars? If not then you usually have take it upon yourself to further your auto sales training.

You can check out our car salesman training manual on the right for more information.Let's face it; car buying is all about 2 elements: Getting Consumers to your dealership website, then getting them to buy from you either online or in your car dealership.

No matter if it's a phone call, internet lead, chat, or text lead; sales success hinges on process. There is a saying, "Show me something I am more interested in buying than you are interested in selling.

Car Salesman Training for Success

Instead of viewing it as traditional sales process, we really should be viewing it as a car buying process. Video training provided by AutoWeb, formerly Autobytel.

Sean V. Bradley is a worldwide, expertly trained consultant, speaker and trainer. His clients have been nationally recognized for success in all major trade publications, such as AutoSuccess, Auto Dealer Monthly, Dealer Principal and Digital Dealer, and has been on the cutting edge of all things Internet Sales, including creating the very first Internet Sales 20 Group, among many other affiliates.

What makes Sean so unique is his 14 years experience in the automotive industry. He has learned the business from the ground up, beginning first as a sales consultant, and then holding positions as Sales Manager, Internet Sales Manager, Special Finance Manager and Business Development Director. At his first dealership, he averaged over 30 units per month - taking the sale from start to finish. He repeated those results two years later when he took over the Internet Department of a major Nissan store in the Philadelphia market, and grew their volume from 27 to over units per month.

David Kain is president of KainAutomotive. David has an extensive automotive retail background having grown up in his family's Ford Dealership where he remains a partner today. His Internet experience includes developing his own dealership Internet Operation and being a co-founder of FordDirect. Dennis started selling cars at his family dealership inhe started a leasing company in San Diego California in the late 70's and built that up to over cars a month.

After selling the company Dennis wanted to broaden his experience and started train and consulting dealerships. When the Internet came to the auto industry Dennis was intently focused on helping our industry cope with the constant online changes. Dennis conducted presentations in all the major markets and spoke of CRM before it was released to the industry in Since then Dennis has had the opportunity to work in every state in the US except for one. Dennis has even had the opportunity to work with some of the largest dealerships in the world and as far away as India.

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Since then Dennis has broadened his scope to include website conversions and serve as a digital consultant for dealerships. Dennis's main focus is helping dealerships close more of the leads that they get. He has developed a process that puts fun back into Internet sales and will increase the per vehicle profits.

Dennis worked at AutoWeb for over 5 years and helped dealerships specifically with the understanding of the psychology of the buyer. Dennis says "Every dealership has its own unique DNA, the key is to use the assets of the dealership and implement a process that will work for them. Jennifer Boland started her career as a Kirby Vacuum salesperson at 18 years old.

Within 3 months she was promoted because she had quickly become a top producer and began hiring and training people to sell Kirby vacuums. This proved to be a great training ground for the car business!When you sell cars on the internet, the most important thing you need understand is your market.

Market research is an integral part of your internet car sales training in Being a successful internet salesperson is one of the most profitable parts of the car sales career. If you play your cards right, you can learn incredibly valuable skills, such as how to handle objections and how to build a book of referral business. In a thriving market, there will be plenty of sellers and plenty of buyers- the Honda Civic LX that you buy from one dealer will be identical from the Honda Civic LX that you buy from another.

In order to excel in a market with identical products and increasingly transparent pricing, you need to understand how to stand out. If you sell cars online, you compete with others that are selling cars online.

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You need internet car sales training in order to succeed. Part of excelling in your market is understanding what your competition is offering. After reading some reviews, looking at some pictures and asking a few friends, customers are generally ready to have an idea of pricing. They inquire online first, reaching out to the dealer for their quote. In the pre-historic time period, the car shopper went into the local dealer and asked for the best price.

It was mostly about the dealer having a car that worked and fitting a budget, often negotiated around a monthly payment. Customers could now go on KBB online. They can make forums to share information about their experiences. Information was becoming easier to acquire.

Dealer Training

Every year, more customers move online for their car purchase, with many demanding to do everything over the internet. Some have started asking for the car to be delivered to their homes, so they never have to step foot in the dealerships. Seven out of ten deals now involve the internet.

If a customer does come into the dealerthe cell phone sits in their hand to constantly fact check the salesperson. Dealers are now responding, scrambling to find a strategy to efficiently capture the customers, while remaining profitable. The truth is that different people pay different prices.

The internet has brought the pricing of any single model into a smaller range. It also certainly removed some obvious outliers, but it has not created a market where everyone pays the same amount. Your dealer will sell the new cars at a loss and beat every deal in order to move volume.

The flipside is that you can skip that race to the bottom altogether. You can sell at a higher price, make sure all your deals make sense, and run on less volume. The more cars that dealers sell, the more cars that dealers buy from the manufacturer. The sales profit will be higher and you can be more selective with your customers. If your dealership decides to be maintain front end profit, then your customer service needs to stand out.

How to Make Prospecting Calls, Set Appointments, and Sell Cars

Selling cars online can successfully be performed in one of two ways: as a luxury white glove serviceor as a shortcut to selling volume at a loss.Distinguish yourself by learning how to build a business that specializes in niche markets to nearly double your earning potential in various real estate sectors.

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internet car sales marketing training service

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Internet Car Sales Training – The Market

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internet car sales marketing training service

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internet car sales marketing training service

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internet car sales marketing training service

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